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Excellent tool to create high-quality Flash-based e-books from EPUB files
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Reading e-books produced following the EPUB standard can be read using a wide variety of stand-alone e-book readers and software programs. Thus, distribution of this type of e-books – and this is also true for all other e-book formats and standards out there – require the recipient to have access to either a hardware or software tool that supports the standard. EPUB to FlashBook not only can transform your EPUB files into formats that everyone can read and enjoy (such as HTML, a ZIP container, or an executable EXE file), but also produces high-quality, very attractive Flash-based e-books that are easy to navigate and a joy to look at.

Both the process and the interface where this takes place are simple, self-explanatory, and therefore suitable for all types of users, regardless of their knowledge about e-books and e-book creation. The simplicity of the whole conversion process does not mean that the customization settings offered by the program are scarce and limited – as it seems to be the rule. On the contrary, once the book has been produced and just before deciding on its definitive format, you can change the background layout using the various templates that come with EPUB to FlashBook, add a watermark (based on either a text or an image), change the dimensions of the pages, add a background sound, and decide how the pages will be shown.

Though the program does not offer you the more and more popular “flip book” effect, pages will still move backwards and forwards when the right keys are pressed. The book is shown as an open printed book, with two pages facing each other. These pages can move left to right or right to left, either manually or automatically (using the “AutoPlay” feature, which can be combined with the “LoopPlay” function to make the book start over again automatically), etc. The resulting product is an attractive, easy-to-read animated e-book that you can easily distribute among friends or clients, saving it in any of the formats mentioned above. Thanks to EPUB to FlashBook, you can create your books using all the functionality offered by the EPUB standard and distribute nice-looking e-books that everyone can read without the need of a third-party tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Self-explanatory interface - easy to understand for all kinds of users
  • The resulting books are of an excellent quality
  • Includes various templates to customize the background of your e-books
  • Saves your Flash books as an EXE, HTML, or ZIP file


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